Social Media and Recovery

Happy New Year! My 1 year sober was on January 1, 2019. That first year sober is one crazy, beautiful ride and different for everyone. My biggest surprise was the role Instagram would play in my recovery. Not only would I meet the instagrammers who I now call family, but that I would have the ability to inspire and connect others.

I was asked on a recent podcast with A Sober Girls Guide what my advice to newly sober individuals is, my response was simply “REACH OUT”. My early recovery was done on my own it was a quite decision made after a failed suicide attempt during a blackout. My boyfriend at the time didn’t even know I had committed to sobriety til I told him I was 30 days sober. Maybe this was out of a fear of failure, or a need to sit with my decision privately. Around day 90 I started on my private account following other sober women. Slowly but surely I began REACHING OUT. This was a pivotal and life saving move.

Realizing I was not alone and seeing daily reminders that recovery is possible kept hope alive for me. As I began to interact and speak to people I learned so much about the common denominators of addiction. Especially with mothers. This is when the fire to break stigma grew within me. So Sober Mom apparel was the first step. I had no idea how far that one decision would take me and the fantastic world of recovery it would catapult me into.

On December 28th Recover Out Loud officially launched our events portion of the brand. Even typing those words “brand” makes me misty eyed. Not from the accomplishment, but memories of the beauty of the event. Finally meeting my first Insta Friends. People who I knew but could finally meet and hug in person. Watching everyone party sober laughing and smiling, I felt cloaked in positivite energy. A reassurance this is what it’s all about community! The sober community is just that a positive, loving, non judgmental place to learn, laugh and grow. My son put it best when he said, “Mom your sober friends are really nice!”.

I encourage everyone to find a platform and reach out. Keep an open mind and heart, you will be surprised at the love and strength of the sober community. Regardless of if you are day 1 or day 1,000 you have something to offer. Technology is a beautiful thing and Insta is full of love and acceptance. I promise you will find the Insta Community beneficial. If you REACH OUT you will make and form bonds to get you through those not so great days, but also to celebrate milestones. Make Insta more than looking at pictures join like minded groups. I found my tribe on Insta and hope you can too. Sending love and light in the New Year and remember to REACH OUT!!!

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