Wine Culture can SUCK IT

What was that final straw that pushed me to start Recover Out Loud? Why me the woman who never designed apparel in her life? What drove me to take every dime of my money and start a whole new venture? Especially in early recovery to take such a big leap? It’s simple really wine culture…….I could go on for pages and pages about how wine culture is killing women, ruining families, deteriorating health, and a tool of the patriarchy. Well buckle up sober buttercups, because we have a lot of ground to cover.

Me deciding to be sober wasn’t an overnight decision. A year of false starts, and a suicide attempt left me questioning my whole life on New Years 2018. Thus began my journey into the sober community. Instagram became my haven, my safe space and a place to know I wasn’t alone. I’ve been very open with my journey on Instagram and there was one post in paticular that still gets likes to this day and maybe the most relatable of all. This picture featured me covered in wine, holding my second bottle that had exploded on me. How do you ask? Well I lost my wine opener and decided to have the kids help me use a screwdriver to beat the cork into the bottle, resulting in a wine volcano that reached the ceiling. I posted this on Facebook and people thought it was funny. Just a single mom unwinding on a Friday whats the harm in that? Who cares if I had two glasses at lunch and two at happy hour. I was a strong marketing executive working dowtown. I earned that wine, right?

Wrong all of that was wrong and the most disturbing part was the lack of shame that my son took that picture. This time sober when it popped into my Facebook memories, I cried. I cried for the lost soul I was, what I dealt with mentally from others, my own lack of self awareness, and most of all having my 8 year old take a drunken picture of me for social media. When I first started my sober journey everyone I told was positive except one group….the moms at my sons school. “Oh how are you going to live without wine?” I was perplexed these were women who had spent years judging me for my occupation, my age, and my socioeconomic status; these same women think I’m somehow not parenting without wine? SUCK IT WINE CULTURE

On Instagram I saw women’s outrage over wine o’clock shirts, onesies that said “I’m the reason Mommy drinks”, and of course the wine and paints. Boozy brunches, boozy baby showers and so on. I became even more appalled when I searched Poshmark for sober apparel. My favorite shirt was ” Sober People Scare Me”. So that is how the Sober Mom shirt came to be. SUCK IT WINE CULTURE….. I’m not scary, I’m not failing as a woman by not feeding your bottom line. I’m Recovering Out Loud, and who is joining me?

This is a time to resist and fight. Come out of the shadows and break the stigma. Isn’t it crazy that wine before bed is ok, wine with friends, wine after a bad day, but saying I’m a mother and an alcoholic is damning. NO MORE!!! SUCK IT WINE CULTURE. We are not your sheep and together we can make a difference and inspire others.

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  • I’m PROUD of you Martha! I, as a mother have dealt with a couple children and addictions, it is a nightmare. Coming out of it, taking back “your life” is a Wonderful thing! So PROUD Girl! I like the black “Sassy, Sober, Sexy…I’m gonna have to get one of the kids to buy me one, lol. I am all of that! lol…<3 Ya Kiddo, Keep up the good work, and Always Remember your "Worth"

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